The Buenos Aires' Zoo

April 2012, a sunny Saturday in the capital of Argentina; the perfect timing to visit the Buenos Aires Zoo. Many people told me visiting this place was worth the money, so why not a relaxing afternoon in between the animals?

Home to over 350 species and know for some of its exotic breeding, the zoo of Buenos Aires is a lovely place to stroll around with friends, family or just by yourself. Situated in the amazing neighborhood of Palermo next to Plaza Italia and the Botanic Garden, the zoo has two entrees: one at Plaza Italia and the other is situated on the Libertador Avenue. During the week only the first entree is open. Cost varies depending on what you want to see: buying a advanced pass (called Pasaporte, 40 pesos) gives you access to exhibits such as the Reptiles, the Aquarium, Rainforest and you are allowed to participate the adventurous boat trip..

When you enter the park you immediately see the professional photographers , lockers (only 1 peso) and little stalls where you can buy food for the animals. It is a wonderful way to interact and gain the attention of all animals when buying a little bag or a larger bin animal food. Sometimes the animals are really close to the public, like the camels or the brown bear for example. The park is very structured and on several places are maps posted with a big sign ‘You are here’. By following the main path you’ll surely see all 350 species – if there not playing hide and seek off course, like the raccoon did when I visited the park J. Ice bear, giraffe, monkeys, birds, white tigers, jaguars, penguins, cheetahs, lions, snakes, fishes,… imagine an animal and it’s there.

I had a lovely day and recommend all people who stay for a longer time in Buenos Aires to visit this charming peace of nature. 

- The staff of ViaVia Hostel will give you all necessary information on how to get to Buenos Aires' Zoo by public transport or by taxi. - 


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