The Mataderos Sunday Market

Looking for something more traditional after visiting San Telmo’s and Recoleta’s Sunday markets, then Mataderos is the place to be! Located in the western part of the city, this is the place to enjoy handicraft, delicious food to eat there and for taking back to your hostel.

This market is not like the others in the center of Buenos Aires, it’s full of Argentine tradition with live music, traditional dance which bring a great atmosphere at the central square of the market. Surrounded by big parilla’s (argentine barbeques) and over a 100 craft stalls there is enough to see and to try out. If you’re lucky there might be a gaucho horseback competition right of the square!

Give yourself time to discover all food that is sold at and around the square. You might want to try tasting some dulce de leche, cheese, salami or some homemade liquor or wine. Everything sold here is homemade and sold for reasonable prices. The salesman are super friendly and willing to tell you everything about the products they sell.

If all this tasting did make you hungry it’s time to head back to the square for some traditional lunch, what about empanadas, locro (traditional soup), choripan (bread with a chorizo sausage) or tamales (a mix of sweet potato and meat in corn leaves). I would not miss the empanadas and the choripan, Mataderos is one of the best places to eat those!


Afterwards you can walk around the handicraft stalls, you might want to buy a souvenir to bring back home. One of my colleagues loves the gaucho competition and always checks the market details on the Mataderos market website to see if there is any gaucho events going on before she heads over on a Sunday afternoon.  

It’s quite a bus ride to get to Mataderos, expect to be on the bus for about an hour, from the ViaVia Hostel in San Telmo the 126 is the best bus to get to the Mataderos market. From other places in the city these busses will get you there: 36, 55, 63, 80, 92, 97, 103, 117, 141, 155, 180 and 185.


And remember, you can always ask more information at the ViaVia reception before heading to the Mataderos Sunday market.


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