A little too young to be original hippies, but old enough to be some of the first modern travelers, a group of Belgian friends got together to share tales from the roads less traveled by. Worried by growing mass tourism and its impact on the environment and local people, they shared ideas of sustainable tourism respectful of nature and culture. The dream to implement their ideas developed around a campfire in 1994. ViaVia was born. Today the ViaVia family stretches across 13 establishments on 4 continents and has strong ties with sustainable tourism agencies around the world.

Each ViaVia Café is set up in synch with its unique environment. There is no such thing as a McViaVia with fries. Instead ViaVia offers the best of World Kitchen and local delicacies. Whereas ViaVia in Argentina offers Tango lessons, ViaVia Yogyakarta offers trips to a Javanese village, religion tours or a taste of traditional medicine, Jamu. ViaVia in Senegal works with street children, while ViaVia Yogyakarta provides art space to emerging, young artists. ViaVia is also the venue of concerts, Friday night jazz, performance art, film festivals and debates. Parts of the ViaVia profits go to support social, cultural and education projects in Yogyakarta. (Please, have a look at the information board, at our newsletters or ask us about activities offered).

All ViaVia’s are different, but some things we have in common. We all believe in the potential of local people. We all believe in the beauty of local cultures. We all believe that tourism can help preserve the environment. We all believe that places that bring people of different cultures together to share thoughts, have the power to make the world and our lives a little bit better.


Cafe Resto

Address: Jalan Prawirotaman 30, Jogjakarta 55153

Mail: resto@viaviajogja.com 

Telephone: +62 274 386557

Travel / toko

Address: Jalan Prawirotaman 30b, Jogjakarta 55153

Mail: travel@viaviajogja.com

Telephone: +62 274 37287

Guest House

Address: Prawirotaman Mg 3/514 A, Jogjakarta

Mail: travel@viaviajogja.com

Telephone: +62 274 374748

How to get there

From the airport

By cab: about an half hour ride, IDR 55.000,-

From the trainstation:

3 km by bike taxi IDR 15.000,-

by cab IDR 20.000,-

Opening hours

Monday till Sunday: 7.30 a.m. until 11 p.m., on Friday until midnight

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