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We offer a selection of Indonesian dishes with a daily changing menu, respectful of vegetarians. Our rijsttafel (various Indonesian dishes served with rice) is for the traveler who finds it difficult to make choices.

We also have dishes from the world kitchen from Indian chicken or vegetable curries with raita, chutney and chapatti to Flemish beef stew with French fries. From Australian tenderloin steak and lamb chops to fresh and tasty Mediterranean aubergines, goat cheese salad with sun dried tomatoes and olives, and assortments of pasta dishes and soups. Always remember to check the blackboard for daily offers! We surprise you with vegetarian Spanish tortilla, Vietnamese noodles, Senegalese chicken stew, juicy grilled fish in white wine and other delicacies. 

This can all be accompanied by an Indonesian artisanal beer or a glass of wine. On warm days, try our refreshing cocktails or an ice cream. Check out the cake of the day, which tastes delicious with a cup of freshly grained coffee or aromatic Javanese tea!

If you are bored having rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner, we have an extensive breakfast menu. How about brown bread with cheese, a bowl of muesli with yogurt and fresh tropical fruits, jaffles and pancakes? Also try our freshly made juices!

All our vegetables and fruits are washed in boiled water. Ice cubes are made from boiled water. We never use MSG! We always use organic rice and organic vegetables where possible.

We also have a take away menu.

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