The Belgian touroperator "Joker Toerisme" developed in 1995 under the name of “ViaVia, a Joker Traveller’s Café” a concept creating meeting places, where locals and travellers can meet and exchange ideas, each from their own authenticity. The concept also creates room for interculturality and discovery of countries and cultures. Openness and respect are paramount. These meeting places create opportunities to accept the difference as well as the equivalence of “the other”, in particular by engaging in several activities which increase knowledge and contact about ones own and other cultures. Key factor on the road to discovery is surprise.

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ViaVia Antwerpen, België:
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ViaVia Mopti, Mali:
ViaVia Dakar, Senegal:
ViaVia Arusha, Tanzania:
ViaVia Jogjakarta, Indonesië:
ViaVia Copan, Honduras:
ViaVia Leon, Nicaragua:
ViaVia Buenos Aires, Argentinië:
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