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The Guest House

This Guesthouse opened on May 10, 2010. From here everything Jogjakarta has to offer is conveniently within reach: tours, trainings, courses, temples, markets, art exhibitions, performances, beaches, volcanoes, nightlife and more. Please ask us for suggestions on how to best discover Jogjakarta, the cultural capital of Java. 

This guesthouse has 7 rooms, all named after an Indonesian region illustrated with photos on canvas by photographer Mie Cornoedus. 

Breakfast is served every morning in the garden between 7 and 10 am. 

Our goal is to create a place here where people make new friends and meet others to share experiences with. That, we believe, is the essence of traveling. 

The guesthouse is linked to the famous ViaVia Café, located in Jalan Prawirotaman 30. The Café serves delicious foods from the Indonesian and World Kitchens. There is also a delivery menu in your room, if you prefer a quiet night in. 

The café vibrates with contemporary art and culture, weekly live jazz, exhibitions, performances and more. Part of the profit goes to support cultural and social projects. ViaVia has also become a center for sustainable tourism in Jogjakarta and Indonesia. Alternative tours, trainings and courses are offered to tourists and locals alike. As our guest, you can take full advantage of ViaVa staff, who are trained and experienced in taking guests beneath the surface of Javanese cultures. 

ViaVia’s philosophy is to develop an alternative, sustainable tourism with respect for local culture and environment. In line with this, we have made this guesthouse as green as possible using recycled materials, solar energy and separation of garbage. 

Far too often in mass tourism, local people benefit less from the developments. In contrast, the ViaVia Guesthouse has been founded and funded as a cooperative of local women. This is our first adventure into the land of investments that provide us a rare opportunity to secure a better financial future for our families. 

Please let us know if you have any suggestions or inputs!


  • bar-restaurant
  • conference rooms
  • gardenterrace
  • Cafe Restaurant with terrace, also suitable for private parties, also known als alternative place open for young contemporary artists with monthly changing exhibitions
  • Travel offers a wide variety of alternative tours and courses, bike and car rental
  • Guest house with 7 rooms (4 with airco, 3 with fan)
  • shop (toko) with natural products, from herbs to natural soaps and insect repellants, traditional Indonesian care products (home made) and fair trade corner
  • yoga courses, several times a week

Extra services

  • free wifi
  • bike rental
  • 220 volt plugs as in Europe
  • plug transformer for non-Europeans
  • Rooms with breakfast



by phone or e-mail


cash, bank- or creditcard

Availability of rooms

check by e-mail or phone.

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